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The Willy Foundation Presents The Seatbelt Program and the WAS Challenge

The Willy Foundation Presents The Seatbelt Program and the WAS Challenge

The objective of the seatbelt campaign is for all students to wear seatbelts at all times.
To accomplish this objective we have initiated the following:

1. our goal is for every student to place a Willy Shuman decal on his/her car to raise seatbelt awareness.

2. one of the rules for driving to school and parking in the school parking lot is that a student must wear a seatbelt. If a student is seen leaving the school without wearing a seatbelt, the result will be that the student will lose his/her parking permit for the remainder of the school year.

3. place a banner with the decal logo in the cafeteria or another suitable location.

4. place a sign with the decal logo at the football field/soccer field where permitted.

5. Place the wear a seatbelt decal logo on the school web site, if possible.

6. Place a Willy logo sign at school parking lot exits to remind students to buckle up.

7. to promote safety issues including, but not limited to seatbelts, form the Willy Club with-in the school, or incorporate saftey issues as a project of the student council.

THE WILLY FOUNDATION was founded in memory of Willy Shuman who was killed in an automobile crash on June 20, 2009, four days before he was to leave for the United States Air Force Academy. He was not wearing a seatbelt.

Although he always wore a seatbelt, he was not wearing one that night. Statistics reveal that only 60% of students actually wear seatbelts.

Willy was a 2009 graduate of George Washington High School. As a result, the school is interested in taking a role in improving student safety.

While this campaign is available free of charge, if your school would like to challenge a company or group to help raise money, it would be greatly appreciated. Another way to raise money for the campaign would be to accept donations for the car decals. At GW a bake sale was held. The sale not only raised money, but increased awareness of the campaign.

Contributions may be sent to:

The Willy Foundation
PO Box 11544
Charleston, WV 25339

Checks should be made out to The Willy Foundation and specified for the seatbelt campaign.

For further information you may contact The Willy Foundation at (304) 542-4621, or info@thewillyfoundation.org

As a part of the campaign, the Willy Foundation will provide:

1. Wear a seatbelt decals to distribute to students and faculty.

2. Banner with logo for school

3. Sign for football/ soccer/baseball field.

4. Sign for parking lot exits.

5. Brochures on wearing seat belts

6. Public service like tv segment on the seatbelt campaign.

7. Information on how to start the Willy Club.

8. Speakers on driving safety and consequences of poor decisions.

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